Social Media Principles in Sports

Basic principles in the social media marketing can play a big part in the world of sports. This gives the viewers an opportunity to follow what interest them and also give viewers a chance to interact or have them engage in it. Sports fans are able to find products through social media giving companies a new way of marketing and promoting. Direct links can easily be placed for the convenience of the consumer and it creates a simple and fast way to market products.

Fresh and new offers should attract attentions of the viewers on any type of social media. When promoting it is important to give a deadline and incentive for taking action now, an example of a way to do that is weekly promotions and deals. Social media will allow you to put all of that to the world of the web, making it easy to share and spread, making this the new way of word of mouth promoting.

Sport teams and other athletes all around are using social media to launch and promote sales for the clubs or sport.


Cleveland Indians – The Indians built success this season by expanding the Social Media Deck into a 12-seat luxury suite at the ballpark. Still administered on an invitation-only basis, the Social Media Suite this season has built a waiting list of more than 200 people and is almost fully subscribed for the rest of the season.

Nascar – Turner uses social media applications as a companion to its broadcasts. These applications use alternate camera angles and chat rooms to attract online viewers while Turner Sports’ events are being telecast.

Women’s world cup of soccer –  between the match of USA and Japan soccer match the fans took to twitter. Women’s World Cup frenzy on Twitter was essentially all organic and fan-driven, even U.S. President Barack Obama tweeted 13 times during the match.

UFC –  President Dana White is widely known as a brutally candid, outspoken executive. Those traits have lent themselves powerfully to social media, where the league has more than 6 million fans on Facebook, and White himself has 1.5 million Twitter followers


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