Offline and Online Marketing for the ChicaBlackhawks

Marketing has so many different options these days but it is important to integrate online and offline internet marketing strategies. The two can coexist and work together to establish and expand your brand like never before. This void or separation of the two marketing strategies is just one reason why your online and offline marketing campaigns should be integrated. Both online and offline marketing efforts should be seamlessly linked to one another for a successful campaign that will drive business without confusing the customer. The most important part is to stop thinking about digital marketing and traditional marketing as two different areas.

Online marketing:


social media

display advertising

search engine optimization

participate in online marketing by creating a website and building customer acquisition campaigns at little to no cost,

Traditional marketing:




radio advertisements

Direct mail


Traditional marketing is the most recognizable types of marketing, it’s the advertisements that we see and hear every day

In the world of sports, marketing plays a huge role in whether it is online or offline. Although it is quick and easy to google a team or player that interest you, other forms of marketing are around you every day.

(Example – Chicago Blackhawks)

Traditional Blackhawks marketing:

Television advertisements/ sponsors

Radio broadcast and commercials


Mascot “tommy”




Online Blackhawks marketing:


Social media pages


Search engine outputs

        People buy from people they know, like and trust. The Chicago Blackhawks have already made a personal brand that is well known, and have based current strategies around that brand name. With such a big market for the popular team it is important that they integrate both online and offline marketing for consumers. The more the Blackhawks promote all around the better chance they have to hit all areas of the market. Finding the balance between the ones who use online or vice versa, connecting both areas of marketing into one whole personal brand.


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