New Era of NHL Marketing

Targeting the market of the national hockey league marketers are finding those who have an emotional connection to the game, people whose interest, enthusiasm and passion for the product defy the norm.  Creating many ways for fans to follow the game or certain teams. Allowing individuals to show what game they are watching, giving them the opportunities to check in to events all marketing the league in many ways.


If you have the opportunity to go to a live NHL game you will see many varies of marketing strategies. Marketing the brand logo with the fans is one of the most common strategies you see. A Lot of the time marketers will walk around with a camera offering fans a chance for a photo that they can later go check out and have for memories or media sharing. You will also see cut outs where fans can place their head in and look as part of the team or even make it look like fans are on the bench. I am guilty of sharing a photo or two doing this at Colorado Avalanche games.

NHL games also give others the chance to market themselves or other companies. Hockey teams will attend games to pass advertisements of  their own season and market themselves. Also tv stations will often have booths giving out promotional products to the fans and also have games set up around the arena to get the kids involved.

There are so many marketing strategies around Nhl games and they are always looking for something new to bring to the table. Having the fans get involved with teams and having the fans also promote the team by not even knowing they are marketing it. Social media and other forms of sharing also give the chance for fans to speak how they feel about their team or even interact with the players. Over the years i have been able to see how big marketing has become in sports and especially in hockey as the fan growth continues to climb.



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