A Great Value Proposition

A value proposition tells why consumers should choose you and not other services or products alike. You have to convince the potential customers that you are the one that can help them solve their problem. A great value proposition will make the consumers call to action and value your product or service.

Sticking to the sports theme, one company’s value proposition stuck out to me and can connect all areas of the sports world in one brand image, Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings offers a lot of the same products and services other bar and grills might, but what separates them from competitors is that they also have a wider range of their services.

Offering the classic sports, beer and wings but they vary their offering. Instead of just having a few spices for wings, they have a large section of flavors to choose from that most place don’t have. Buffalo Wild Wings also offer you more sports, hitting all ranges of the sports world. More televisions equals more games and they also offer games and events that some people may not be able to watch at home due to blackout games and pay per view fights. This draws a huge crowd in for them. What they offer most is a family type environment, where kids are welcome for family dinners with anywhere from wings to salads while also having a large bar section for the crowd just there for drinks and viewing. Buffalo Wild Wings hits a lot of areas that most competitors can’t offer all in one.

The value proposition that Buffalo Wild Wings has is what separates them and allows them to be so successful. Finding a way to compete with other sports bars and remain to expand all across the country. The environment they provide with sporting events has a call to action to the consumer saying come here when the games on.



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