Sporting Events Email Marketing Tactics

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses email as a means of communicating commercial campaign messages to an audience. This is a great way to reach out to consumers stating your value proposition. Every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

Done by many entrepreneurs, this provides a great way to enhance their relationship with their prospects as well as with their current customer base. Always looking to expand the brand identification this type of marketing is a great way to reach out to potential customers. Also can be a great way to to promote your company or services by being available to offer promotions or special deals to get consumers to call to action.

Sporting evens do a great job with their email marketing principles by always offering you new deals. After signing up or purchasing sporting event tickets, you will be in the system for future references. Often you will get an email promoting events that are the same or similar to the event you went too.

The principle behind this this strategy is to keep you coming to their services instead of going through somewhere else. The more personal the email is to the the clients creates a greater chance to build a relationship with the customers. This market is for the consumers who are always online and checking and sending emails often throughout the day.


A Great Value Proposition

A value proposition tells why consumers should choose you and not other services or products alike. You have to convince the potential customers that you are the one that can help them solve their problem. A great value proposition will make the consumers call to action and value your product or service.

Sticking to the sports theme, one company’s value proposition stuck out to me and can connect all areas of the sports world in one brand image, Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings offers a lot of the same products and services other bar and grills might, but what separates them from competitors is that they also have a wider range of their services.

Offering the classic sports, beer and wings but they vary their offering. Instead of just having a few spices for wings, they have a large section of flavors to choose from that most place don’t have. Buffalo Wild Wings also offer you more sports, hitting all ranges of the sports world. More televisions equals more games and they also offer games and events that some people may not be able to watch at home due to blackout games and pay per view fights. This draws a huge crowd in for them. What they offer most is a family type environment, where kids are welcome for family dinners with anywhere from wings to salads while also having a large bar section for the crowd just there for drinks and viewing. Buffalo Wild Wings hits a lot of areas that most competitors can’t offer all in one.

The value proposition that Buffalo Wild Wings has is what separates them and allows them to be so successful. Finding a way to compete with other sports bars and remain to expand all across the country. The environment they provide with sporting events has a call to action to the consumer saying come here when the games on.


New Era of NHL Marketing

Targeting the market of the national hockey league marketers are finding those who have an emotional connection to the game, people whose interest, enthusiasm and passion for the product defy the norm.  Creating many ways for fans to follow the game or certain teams. Allowing individuals to show what game they are watching, giving them the opportunities to check in to events all marketing the league in many ways.


If you have the opportunity to go to a live NHL game you will see many varies of marketing strategies. Marketing the brand logo with the fans is one of the most common strategies you see. A Lot of the time marketers will walk around with a camera offering fans a chance for a photo that they can later go check out and have for memories or media sharing. You will also see cut outs where fans can place their head in and look as part of the team or even make it look like fans are on the bench. I am guilty of sharing a photo or two doing this at Colorado Avalanche games.

NHL games also give others the chance to market themselves or other companies. Hockey teams will attend games to pass advertisements of  their own season and market themselves. Also tv stations will often have booths giving out promotional products to the fans and also have games set up around the arena to get the kids involved.

There are so many marketing strategies around Nhl games and they are always looking for something new to bring to the table. Having the fans get involved with teams and having the fans also promote the team by not even knowing they are marketing it. Social media and other forms of sharing also give the chance for fans to speak how they feel about their team or even interact with the players. Over the years i have been able to see how big marketing has become in sports and especially in hockey as the fan growth continues to climb.


Offline and Online Marketing for the ChicaBlackhawks

Marketing has so many different options these days but it is important to integrate online and offline internet marketing strategies. The two can coexist and work together to establish and expand your brand like never before. This void or separation of the two marketing strategies is just one reason why your online and offline marketing campaigns should be integrated. Both online and offline marketing efforts should be seamlessly linked to one another for a successful campaign that will drive business without confusing the customer. The most important part is to stop thinking about digital marketing and traditional marketing as two different areas.

Online marketing:


social media

display advertising

search engine optimization

participate in online marketing by creating a website and building customer acquisition campaigns at little to no cost,

Traditional marketing:




radio advertisements

Direct mail


Traditional marketing is the most recognizable types of marketing, it’s the advertisements that we see and hear every day

In the world of sports, marketing plays a huge role in whether it is online or offline. Although it is quick and easy to google a team or player that interest you, other forms of marketing are around you every day.

(Example – Chicago Blackhawks)

Traditional Blackhawks marketing:

Television advertisements/ sponsors

Radio broadcast and commercials


Mascot “tommy”




Online Blackhawks marketing:


Social media pages


Search engine outputs

        People buy from people they know, like and trust. The Chicago Blackhawks have already made a personal brand that is well known, and have based current strategies around that brand name. With such a big market for the popular team it is important that they integrate both online and offline marketing for consumers. The more the Blackhawks promote all around the better chance they have to hit all areas of the market. Finding the balance between the ones who use online or vice versa, connecting both areas of marketing into one whole personal brand.

Web Designs in the Future of Sports


Usability and utility are more important when you make a web design rather than the visual design. Although the visuals might help attract viewers or entertain them, a successful web design it made for the convenience of the customer. You want the customer to be able to see what the site is offering and make it easy to navigate around. A good web design will make the consumer click for action, relay information for future marketing and be able to be shared for new viewers.

When designing web pages it’s important to think how the users think. Strive for feature exposure, manage to focus users attention, make use of effective writing, simplicity and test early and test often.

Sports are evolving in many ways, and now it has made its way to the internet. Websites are mandatory to promote teams and sports and have a way to create revenue through sales or memberships.


Websites services include:

Custom Web Design & Web Hosting

Custom WordPress Blogs & CMS

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Social Networking Action Plan

Domain Name Management

Domain Name Acquisition


All sports companies, pro athletes, and sports teams should have a professional website that builds their digital brand and engages their fans and customers. Web Designs we will ensure that you’re being found online while also building and maintaining a social networking plan that’s right for you.

Having the ability of smart phones has already changed how we use the internet. The market has already switched from domain sites to applications for your phones. Sports teams and companies create a easier way to follow that is even more convenient than the websites. Organizations optimize their mobile site to cash in on the growing popularity of mobile apps for all types of sports.

Social Media Principles in Sports

Basic principles in the social media marketing can play a big part in the world of sports. This gives the viewers an opportunity to follow what interest them and also give viewers a chance to interact or have them engage in it. Sports fans are able to find products through social media giving companies a new way of marketing and promoting. Direct links can easily be placed for the convenience of the consumer and it creates a simple and fast way to market products.

Fresh and new offers should attract attentions of the viewers on any type of social media. When promoting it is important to give a deadline and incentive for taking action now, an example of a way to do that is weekly promotions and deals. Social media will allow you to put all of that to the world of the web, making it easy to share and spread, making this the new way of word of mouth promoting.

Sport teams and other athletes all around are using social media to launch and promote sales for the clubs or sport.


Cleveland Indians – The Indians built success this season by expanding the Social Media Deck into a 12-seat luxury suite at the ballpark. Still administered on an invitation-only basis, the Social Media Suite this season has built a waiting list of more than 200 people and is almost fully subscribed for the rest of the season.

Nascar – Turner uses social media applications as a companion to its broadcasts. These applications use alternate camera angles and chat rooms to attract online viewers while Turner Sports’ events are being telecast.

Women’s world cup of soccer –  between the match of USA and Japan soccer match the fans took to twitter. Women’s World Cup frenzy on Twitter was essentially all organic and fan-driven, even U.S. President Barack Obama tweeted 13 times during the match.

UFC –  President Dana White is widely known as a brutally candid, outspoken executive. Those traits have lent themselves powerfully to social media, where the league has more than 6 million fans on Facebook, and White himself has 1.5 million Twitter followers

About Me

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My name is Thomas Greene and is also known to be quite the sports nut and I hope you are too. I created this blog to show the unique, extreme, adventurous and crazy stories all around the world in sports. Sports is one of my greatest passions weather I am involved in them or just watching as a fan. So grab your favorite sports hat and your lucky underwear as we take off in the world of sports.



Sports in Internet Culture

SocialIcons.pngsports app.jpg

Its beyond obvious that the internet has changed the way we find information and is giving us many different ways to find or know when the next big game is. The internet has allowed sports teams to reach out further then just personal websites. In addition, the internet has developed a relationship between the level with the fans engagement and social media.

Large social media figures are becoming a great way to market and promote products. Pairing up with the right athletes will give companies an extra advantage because of their online reputation of a million fans and followers.

Anthony Dimoro, author of The Growing Impact Of Social Media On Todays Sports Culture of  online Forbes  stated, “This year one fifth(20.5%) of internet users in the US are expected to have Twitter accounts. This number has grown from 15.2% in 2012, and is projected to rise to 24.2% by 2018. Over a third (37%) of Twitter users will buy from a brand they follow.”

Individuals are now connecting between social media and their favorite sports teams to give the opportunity to connect and engaged with their respected sports teams. Fans are now given the chance to check themselves in at games to show that they are watching, that they are understanding the score, and most importantly are able to reaction to promotions or advertisements.

Professional teams to college teams are now given the opportunity to market themselves over various different kinds of media. The availability to the media is as simple as being on your phone with applications such as facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and professional league affiliations. When reaching out to the public on media, teams are able to see how popular trends are and how many people are following them. This changes the way the entire sports industry markets towards individuals. From the beginning of traditional marketing to present day marketing, this has changed the way people interpret information.

With the new age of internet and applications in the sports culture, all types and sorts of sports teams are searching to taking advantage of the web promotion, these aspects form the business side of the industry,. As a result, if you are no marketing through social media, then you are not reaching your maximum audience.





Happy Belated Birthday #99


Its never to late to say happy birthday, especially to the “Great One” also known as Wayne Gretzky. On January 26, 2016 the NHL Hall of Famer turned 55 years old. The four time Stanley Cup Winner was born in Brantford, Canada in 1961 and was already on the ice skating by the age of two. Although he retired in 1999, its impossible to look at the number #99 to this day with out thinking of the Great One.

Even if you don’t follow hockey I find it hard to believe that you have never herd of Wayne Gretzky, he is to hockey as Babe Ruth was to baseball. Gretzky has influenced the game of hockey with his speed, vision, creativity, heart and passion. Playing for four NHL teams ( Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers) he is still to this day one of the greatest players to ever play the game of hockey.

On the ice he is a born star and teammate, but even off the ice he still had the ability to connect to people, influence people and motivate people. Gretzky is famous for how great he was in his carrier and all the records he set, but he also has famous for quotes he said that you still hear to this day.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”
 -Wayne Gretzky
“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

-Wayne Gretzky

Next year be sure to check to your calendar and make sure you don’t miss the Great One’s birthday again. We thank you Wayne for everything you have done for the game of hockey, you may wear number #99 on your jersey but you will always be number one in our hockey filled hearts.

-Happy birthday Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky #99